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Submission of Samples

Samples must be submitted in the CityU VDL specimen bags (provided free on request) together with a completed Sample Submission form.

Place all samples from a case into one specimen bag and place the submission form into the pocket attached to the specimen bag. If the sample does not fit into the specimen bag (eg. A 10L biopsy pot), please place the submission form into the specimen bag and securely attach the bag onto the sample.

Please correctly identify and label all samples, and fully complete all Sample Submission forms.

Circumstances may necessitate our use of recognised referral laboratories to run a diagnostic test.

Turn around times

All turn around times (TAT) are calculated on receipt of samples by accessioning. These refer to business days only. Turn around times are average or minimum days required for test completion.

1. CityU VDL’s test list menu includes tests done in-house and some referral tests to local and overseas laboratories.
2. CityU VLD’s on-line test index is for reference only. We reserve the right to make changes, add or discontinue tests without notice


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Form Downloads

General Submission Form – use for all tests by veterinary clinicians. Updated in January 2024.
COVID-19 Submission Form – use for COVID-19 submission
Herd Submission Form – use for herd submission
2024 Service Book PDF
New Client Registration Form