Specimen Collection Guideline

Post Mortem

CityU VDL offers post-mortem services. Before submitting cases, the veterinarian should contact CityU VDL’s duty pathologist to discuss the circumstances of the case, the scope and costs of laboratory examination, and delivery of the animal. Please call our reception at 3442-4849 and you will be forwarded to our duty pathologist.

All bodies should be kept in the refrigerator at 4oC. Do NOT place the body in the freezer, this will cause cell damage rendering the body unsuitable for histopathology examination. If a body is frozen, only a gross post mortem may be performed.

All animal bodies submitted for post mortem can be picked up at CityU VDL directly by a licensed cremation company. Animal bodies undergone post mortem are not allowed to be returned to the owner. If the owner does not wish to have the body cremated, the body will be disposed of by CityU VDL and a body disposal fee will be applied.