Sample Submission

Samples must be submitted in the CityU VDL specimen bags (provided free on request) together with a completed Sample Submission form.

Place all samples from a case into one specimen bag and place the submission form into the pocket attached to the specimen bag. If the sample does not fit into the specimen bag (eg. A 10L biopsy pot), please place the submission form into the specimen bag and securely attach the bag onto the sample.

Please correctly identify and label all samples, and fully complete all Sample Submission forms.

If a sample is submitted for two different tests (ie. Nasal swab for culture and sensitivity as well as a viral PCR test) it is recommended to submit 2 separate samples from the same site for each of the different tests requested.

Filling in Submission Forms

  • Please fill in the full name of the submitting veterinarian. To avoid confusions during accessioning (which may result in delay of sample processing), please do not write the veterinarian’s initials only.
  • Please indicate what sample type has been submitted. For example, if multiple biopsy samples from multiple sites has been taken and placed into one biopsy pot, please indicate on the submission form which sites the biopsy samples are taken from.
  • Please fill in all the fields on the submission form including date collected and time.
  • If your clinic has multiple branches, please indicate in the clinic name field which branch you are submitting from. This will avoid confusion during accessioning, which may result in delay of sample processing.

Form Downloads

General Submission Form – use for all tests by veterinary clinicians. Updated in January 2024.
COVID-19 Submission Form – use for COVID-19 submission
Herd Submission Form – use for herd submission
2024 Service Book PDF
New Client Registration Form