Recent Publications

  June 2024

Description and Characterization of Different Types of Lymphoma in Cats in Hong Kong

Angel Almendros, Long-Ki Chan, Rodrigo dos Santos Horta, Omid Nekoue, Fraser Hill and Antonio Giuliano
  March 2024


Renata Snow, May Tse, Fraser Hill, Yan Ru Choi, Julia Beatty, Alessandro Grioni
  March 2024

Retrospective analysis of antimicrobial resistance in bacterial pathogens from pet rabbits in Hong Kong, 2019-2022

Chen Xin, Fraser Hill, Ibrahim Elsohaby
  Jan 2024

Thyroid neoplasia associated with nutritional deficiency in cultured jade perch in Hong Kong

Stephen C. H. Chan, Zwok Zu Lim, Aaron C. F. Leung, Tzu Hsuan Cheng,Ka Po F. Cheng, Sophie St-Hilaire, Andrew M. D. Ferguson
  July 2023

First molecular confirmation of multiple zoonotic vector-borne diseases in pet dogs and cats of Hong Kong SAR

Sabir Hussain, Abrar Hussain, Muhammad Umair Aziz, Baolin Song, Jehan Zeb, F M Yasir Hasib, Angel Almendros, Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz, David George, Olivier Sparagano
  June 2023

Rapid and safe electrochemical disinfection of salt water using laser-induced graphene electrodes

Ju Zhang, Liqing Huang, Pok Him Ng, Ladan Jahangiri, Qianjun Huang, Libei Huang, Brett MacKinnon, Ying Yang, Omid Nekouei, Yefeng Yang, Andrew Ferguson, Ana Rita Marques, Ruquan Ye, Sophie St-Hilaire
  May 2023

Investigation of the First African Swine Fever Outbreak in a Domestic Pig Farm in Hong Kong

Yun Young Go , Jeremy H. P. Ho ,KarinaW. S. Tam, Maedeh Kamali, Yiwen Zhang, Candy C. Y. Lau, Song Hao Li, Michael T. Wilson , Zhihao Guo , Runsheng Li , Guoqian Gu , May P. Y. Tse, Fraser I. Hill, Carrie Batten, Amanda Corla, John Flannery, Anne Conan, Christopher J. Brackman, Dirk U. Pfeifer
  May 2023

Prevalence of Babesia and Ehrlichia in owned dogs with suspected tick-borne infection in Hong Kong, and risk factors associated with Babesia gibsoni

Daniela Hernandez Muguiro, Omid Nekouei, Kei Ying Lee, Fraser Hill, Vanessa R. Barrs
  Sep 2022

First Report of Autochthonous Canine Leishmaniasis in Hong Kong

Jeanine Sandy, Anthony Matthews, Yaarit Nachum-Biala and Gad Baneth
  August 2022

High frequency of cholecystitis in dogs with gallbladder mucocoele in Hong Kong

F.I. Hill, J.P. Speelman, K.K.L. Hui, O. Nekouei, P. Beczkowski, V.R. Barrs
  May 2022

A Review: Haemonchus contortus Infection in Pasture-Based Sheep Production Systems, with a Focus on the Pathogenesis of Anaemia and Changes in Haematological Parameters

Kate J. Flay, Fraser I. Hill and Daniela Hernandez Muguiro
  December 2021

Detection of Ophidiomyces ophidiicola in a Wild Burmese Python (Python bivittatus) in Hong Kong SAR, China

Alessandro Grioni, Kar Wing To, Liz Rose-Jeffreys, Kar Keung Ching, Lai On Chu, Fraser Ian Hill, Hon Ki Chan, Ka Shing Cheung
  September 2021

Absence of serological or molecular evidence of Leptospira infection in farmed swine in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Kate J. Flay, Dan A. Yang, Michael T. Wilson, Song H.Lee, Vidya Bhardwaj, Fraser I. Hill, Dirk U. Pfeiffer
  August 2021

A novel strain of lumpy skin disease virus causes clinical disease in cattle in Hong Kong

John Flannery, Barbara Shih, Ismar R. Haga, Martin Ashby, Amanda Corla, Simon King, Graham Freimanis, Noemi Polo, Anne Ching-nga Tse, Christopher J. Brackman, Jason Chan, Patrick Pun, Andrew D. Ferguson, Andy Law, Samantha Lycett, Carrie Batten, Philippa M. Beard
  May 2020

Padalino B, Sandy JR, Barrasso R, Trotta A, Bozzo G, Cafarchia C. Rare generalised form of fungal dermatitis in a horse: Case report. Animals 2020; 10; 871.

  April 2020

First case of feline cryptococcosis in Hong Kong, caused by Cryptococcus neoformans

Angel Almendros, Daniela H.Muguiro, Fraser I.Hill, Vanessa R.Barrs
  February 2020

Clinicopathologic Findings of Spontaneous Leukemia in 9 Pet African Hedgehogs ( Atelerix Albiventris)

Iori Koizumi, Daniela Hernandez-Muguiro, Shelley Ann Ash Chu, Tracy Stokol, Midori Goto Asakawa
  December 2019

Almendros A, Sandy JR, Kirberger. Hepatocutaneous syndrome in a Maltese, diagnosis, treatment and the value of CT in the diagnosis. Veterinary Record Case Reports.

  April 2019

Large B‐cell lymphoma in the colon and mesocolon of a Thoroughbred racehorse: Detection prior to development of clinical signs using clinicopathological markers of inflammation

F. I. Hill A. R. Kelly A. M. Davis M. P. Y. Tse
  October 2018

Review of Diagnostic Procedures and Approaches to Infectious Causes of Reproductive Failures of Cattle in Australia and New Zealand

Prof. Michael Reichel, Dr Lloyd Wahl and Dr Fraser Hill published a review about the infectious causes of reproductive losses in cattle in Australia and New Zealand. The authors present options for cost-effective pathways to a diagnosis, and a useful series of checklists cattle veterinarians can utilise to investigate reproductive losses.
  August 2018

An objective method for assessment of foot conformation in sheep

Vidya Bhardwaj, Om P. Dhungyel, Kumudika de Silva, Navneet K. Dhand, Richard J. Whittington
  March 2018

Perspectives on current challenges and opportunities for bovine viral diarrhea virus eradication in Australia and New Zealand

Michael P. Reichel, Sasha R. Lanyon and Fraser I. Hill